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Choose a one-to-one lesson package delivered online by a qualified trainer or one of the interactive courses specially designed for self-study.
Individual or group in-house/online language training for companies.
The courses are held online or on company premises in Bucharest, and are structured around the CEFR (Common European Framework) levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Online one-to-one English courses for adults

At some point in our life, we may consider changing our job, or our lack of linguistic skills may hinder our professional progress. Our education and life-long professional development are essential in our professional activity.

  • Are you looking for a better job?
    Are you looking to improve your chances of being promoted within your company?
  •  Do you need to improve your English and become more confident while communicating with other people?
  • Do you want to improve your international career prospects?
  •  Does your job require fluency in English?

Take an efficient interactive course specially designed to meet your learning needs, learning style, and schedule.

One-to-one Romanian courses for expats

If you ever tried to learn Romanian on your own using a DVD course, you most probably have come to the conclusion that the lessons were nice but limited, and that you need a follow-up course to teach you more than just greetings and how to find your way at the airport or a train station.
Take a one-to-one course with a native Romanian teacher who can explain to you the more subtle issues of the language: grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. What to say and what not to say in certain real-life situations.

Corporate Training

Language Training Online provides individual or group in-house language training for companies.
Location: The courses are held online or at your premises.
Schedule: The schedule will be agreed upon by both parties (trainer and company representatives). The courses will be held twice a week, in 2 academic* hours sessions.

Course delivery formats and schedule:
Standard courses: 2 sessions/week (online or in-house)
Intensive courses: 3 – 5 sessions/week (online or in-house)
Extended courses: 1 session/week (online courses only)
Personalised courses: The personalised courses duration will be determined depending on the course type and the students’ level of language proficiency. (Romanian and English courses)
*1 academic hour = 45 mins.