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Courses for Adults

The one-to-one online courses for adults are aimed at those who, no matter their age, want to improve their English knowledge.

Courses for Expats

The one-to-one online courses for expats are specially tailored to meet each and every student’s needs and interests.

Courses for teenagers

The one-to-one courses for teenagers are aimed at students who need help doing their English homework.

Exam Preparation

These courses are aimed at high school students who are preparing to sit for their English graduation exams.

Corporate Training

English and Romanian for foreigners: Individual or group inhouse language training for companies. The courses are held online or at companies’ headquarters.

Practical Courses

Online Practical Courses

Students can study at their own pace following premade course plans with lessons and quizzes specially structured to help them achieve the desired results.


Learning Programs

You can reach your goals studying the topics of most interest to you with real life practical examples and exercises. 


Flexible timetable to suit your schedule. You can learn at your own pace from home or from your office. 

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Student-centered teaching methods. Effective, convenient and affordable teaching services.

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